Built a new rear body support crossmember.

OH NO!!!   It don't fit...   Maybe a big block is too big...   Where do I put my feet?

See, everything fits, even my feet!

Chrome Carrera shocks, this is where they go..


Check this!   Sent my stock gauge cluster and clock to United Speedometer in L.A. to be converted.   They etched new glass, changed the amps to volts and temp to 240 degrees.   Installed all VDO movements and converted the clock to 12v quartz.   Also changed the back card color to black and the numbers to white.   Re-chromed the case and did a really super job.   I am really impressed with their work, real craftsmanship!!   Only drawback is $1,500.00 and it took a year.   Hope they work!

The Radiator was a nightmare!   Not installing it, but getting the builder Griffin to build it right...   The first try, they built an exact dup of my stock radiator, dah...   They had to rebuild it 4 times and every time I would get it back it was more beat up.   Never did get it to my liking and ending up costing me over $1,000.00 with shipping and all.  

Fit the rear fenders and the bed filler panel.   They are opposite  from stock, switched left for right.   Looks a lot better that way, Stude should have done it this way.

Had to shorten up the running boards a little to fit to the reversed fenders.   Cut, flatten and weld the ribs and shape to match the front of the running boards.

Here's my 2" wider than stock fiberglass fenders, they work good!   Next step is the bed floor and inner fender panels.