The On the Road manuscript is a 120-foot roll of pasted and taped paper.   Truman Capote's oft-quoted assessment of Kerouac's rambling fiction: "That's not writing; that's typing".

Sampas counters that Nicosia is hardly the literary purist and about the farthest thing from a detached biographer.   He says Nicosia plotted to take control of the Kerouac archive and pulled strings to get Jan to do his bidding.

In 1994, Nicosia invited Jan to his home north of San Francisco.   He showed her a copy of her grandmother's will.   He said he wasn't trying to draw her attention to anything, just showing her a document of interest to her.

Within minutes, Jan was saying Gabrielle's signature was a forgery, that her name looked misspelled.   Jan found a handwriting expert who agreed and filed a lawsuit, challenging the will.

She died of kidney failure in 1996, before the case came to trial.   Nicosia her literary representative, asked to press the litigation on her behalf.   He said he wanted to fulfill Jan's effort to stop the sell off and preserve her father's archive in an academic institution.   A court said Nicosia had no standing.

With the daughter and the biographer out of the picture, Sampas' hold on the Kerouac estate looked secure.   Until the nephew surfaced.

"I want you to know that if you're a crazy nut you can do anything you want with my property if I kick the bucket because we're of the same blood".  From Kerouac's last letter to Paul Blake

Kerouac's closest living relative is Paul Blake Jr., a 54 year old recovering alcoholic and former carpenter.   He is homeless, living in Sacramento, California.

Blake says he doesn't own anything that belonged to his famous uncle.   He doesn't even have the letter Kerouac wrote him the day before he died.   He sold it to a dealer years ago.

"I'm not angry or depressed about how things turned out", Blake said.   "I just feel hurt and left out".   Blake said his grandmother, Gabrielle, used to send him a Christmas card every year with little checks, usually $10.00 of $20.00.   He can't understand why she wouldn't have provided for him in her will.   In fact, he doesn't believe it.

He picked up the fight after the courts blocked Nicosia from challenging Gabrielle's will.   He wants a judge to declare his grandmother's will a fraud and toss it.   If he wins, his lawyer says Blake stands to get one third of Kerouac's estate.